About Us

In a nutshell...

  • Gardunha Verde creates and implements biodiversity projects in the Beira Interior region of Portugal
  • The projects aim to restore biodiversity to the slopes of the Serra da Gardunha, destroyed by forest fires
  • We focus on long-term, sustainable development of biodiversity in partnership with local communities
  • All projects are driven by a detailed development plan based on in depth scientific research and systematic monitoring
  • Since education is the key to long-term success, Gardunha Verde initaites and implements educational and awareness programmes on biodiversity and fire prevention

Turning back the clock
Projects undertaken by Gardunha Verde aim to turn back the clock and restore biodiversity to the Gardunha mountain. By restoring the natural habitat of original trees and meadows, and implementing an active reintroduction programme, we pledge to bring indigenous vegetation and wildlife back home.

Our values

Our focus is on steady, long-term, balanced development of biodiversity and not on ‘plant ‘n' go' schemes.

We aim to restore the harmony of nature, while at the same time preserving and promoting a state of harmony with the local community and society at large, by continuous dialogue with stakeholders.

We believe in full transparency and provide our sponsors with detailed, externally audited accounts, as well as quarterly progress reports.


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