In the Gardunha and Cova Beira region, there are morphological indicators of tectonic action where the relief appears to result from the conjugation of a complex interal dynamic and an erosion process that is still felt today.


The tectonic movements that permit the installation of granite that elevates the existing rock mass, constructing elevated mountains that are currently eroded and fractured(Silva & Gavinhos, 2002).


 The relief is very accentuated and irregular in the mountain regions, namely in the central cordillera of the Serra da Gardunha

The altimetric values in the Gardunha area vary between 450m and 1227m.  The range of value that are most representative in the mountains correspond the interval beween 500-600m, followed by those between 600-700m.

The class of values between 1100-1227m are located in the locations with the greatest altitudes in Gardunha, corresponding to the least occupied areas (Gouveia, 2004).

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